Fly along! Flaxen fuzzy twins. It is high time

            piled gazes in golden drops of sluggish slime

            Sacrifice and treasure without measure or swoon

            Nothing spared to color our dewy tender dawns

            In dirges and pyres our present expires sore

            Ghostly seer the past now lurks back into us

            Posterity already here soon nothing more


            Closing in on the distance chase chaste flashy fawns

            Not why but when the temple of the sweetened buzz

            Bitterly swollen with every diligence and keen pride

            swallows its gaping charge like a sea bloated waning moon

            lapping up with eager silver tongue a receding tide


            Flaming flower slaves -- Red armies of the blossoming word

            onto colored fields dance your simple minded direction

            upon vital light that sprouts all verdant predilection

            Each sapling of blow wing bloom one whiff closer to a cliff

            Filled with tearing beauty with no beyond stayed frozen stiff

            Favorite sons! Blue-Red to thaw the stilled to life and death

            Sinister tiny increments to all its aging breath

            Quickened in the care of the enfolding ephemeral

            in murderous whispers of domineering weakness

            Slavish acting words to feed on flitting flowery bait

            Reckless absorbed beauty open to all admits none

            Drunken in her own wasting sweetness tastes no other

            In outward act it drowns its sad meticulous shyness

            Wafting in subtle strain and show of timid exposure

            Sensitive pit, permanent white mourning for the unsure

            A lightly erected farce crowned with a gay sunny face

            Pay no heed to languid loathing laments, writhing deceit

            the loud flower singly, brightly, proclaiming her conceit

            Never delay -- so long as you have tasted her -- that’s it!

            Returned, wag and wiggle and turn a tale of your delights

            before the eager crowd of clear winged peer fervent eyes

             in dazzling striped frenzy to share in the conquered sights


            Think you not that I know you well! What need to hector

            when it was me that with selective proceedings

            indolent regular feedings, bitter nectar

            sweet regurgitations in secret blend, kept you

            bulbous gauze hatchlings, arrayed tightly before me

            Purple pupae perking-up, keen heads full of show

            Chamber of vibrant display facing bow

            Issue gaping faith nursing in a child’s play aglow

            Sun spectral halos flaunting for flaming flowers

            Mired mines springing in red fronting trembling towers

            Triggered chilled memories flushed in shivering blue

            Honey, wormwood, and gall for all to bind in glue

            Beneath us you stand, crowded and in awe, tending to

            our every gesture, cringing with our discomfort

            Why are we so special that we are given our due?


            Rapier thrusts and discordant notes -- defects of mine!

            send shivers upon the collective youthful flawless spine

            With eagerness and lightness newly hatched clean and supine

            Colonies collateral, staunch newborns their lives to give

            Electric congregation, babbling unison from the crib

            Bonded wills will rise funeral cries gathering to chastise

            chosen weakness in voluble accord of miniature law

            Sparing no cruelty the wavering whole righteous settles

            on self-seeking course, secret sums like shifting of sands

            in sour winds which can’t be arrested or held in esteem

            Collapsed grating strands to rule over universal stance

            Bedecked communions laced with no uncertain spleen

             Let he who calls it unreal feel their combined sting!


            Ante chambers lined with dank innards in pressing rigor

            swift they turn at a whiff of deceit to be back for more

            Ateliers and chambers flawless within nothing at whim

            Arrays itself for a show of defects sublime -- take heart!

            Selfless and perfect yours is a wishful and sterile part

            Filled with the cheap indecent sweetness of forced labor sweat

            Deeper waxy creations, flaming, melting disarray

            common spectacle pleasing in its chilled unfitting state

            Made up of fallen burnt wings flown too close to their bright mate


            The gates to open with a flood to give prompt rise

            restlessness settles in pockets of shrill silence

            upon words it shall weave the blazing purring airs

            upon consensus capricious assignations proffered

            Moving with the raspy fervor of shallow origins

            Mighty hollowness! Rumblings of empty sullen stomachs

            Single-minded lunacy pours faith in frivolous tacks

            Awning a thick shimmering fog to appease ruffled souls

            Tainted representations of indolent sage keepers

            the swift sapping of wills, the squelching of fires within

            by saturation vapors, by showy trial of close kin

            Deserving pawns to smooth the spirit of the colony

            in periodic doses, never less nor more, hedges the sore


            Blinding congregation of dressed-up purity

            combed and devout observance of the shrine of light

            Faith is welcome to this honey hallowed sensual feast

            Do you see -- collected pop-eyes -- that law is creed!

            Short-lived sepulchral silence that gives way to swarms           

            Ordered chaos sipping at nectars in tiny bright whirls

            brief encounters prescribed, tantalizing quivering arms

            A new arrival hastily received with frozen wings

            Shuddering sensitivities, monstrous eyes and hairs

            Sun starved scornful bloody trumpets, fulsome bags of quivers

            daintily feeling their way fearful of snags they keep blind

            violent shyness, snarling and meek disdain for their kind

            Willing matter, wound and ready for suicidal flares

            Alternate functions lying in wait in pressing complaint

            In the thick belabor of overhanging protocol

            Clothed in charming plastic veneer of thriving well being

            golden black jam of lighter busy-bodies in good show

            In a flash, when rivals are discovered, the word goes forth

            ready to give itself over to a fantasy troth


            Golden eyes, flowing hairs, and chattering mouth parts

            Building, chewing, yawning in fierce fits and starts

            The hum of prayers incessant rising from each

            All aboard naught amiss bodies overlay bodies bright

            Brilliant bounty beneath, shivering in the blizzard’s blight

            Blowing by blends of black and gold blanket of buzzing bleach

            Held back and bounded in blatant deceit dwelling in sight

            Owing blessings to the bouquet of a more subtle twin

            Roams and slays in the red anonymity of a queen


            Here and there crevices and services preferred

            In closets and golden grottoes and entrances as well

            Ways humming with activity cease only at their peak

            Jammed into one to turn or advance a difficult trick

            Outside a gathering overheating, a fanning swell

            Open gates that keep out with a trap spiked and treacherous

            Doors that stand well guarded -- not a gust flows without sanction

            When it is vital to air the deepest nook’s waxy lungs


            Restlessness! Upon my whimsical word shall yield

            blazing, humming, blighting, waxing, or searing breath

            Upon my whimsical word will grow into a mist

            An amber fray of fanning flames and spreading tryst

            A suffocating ember gel of preserved destruction

            Overflowing sheer refractions of its distillation

            Upon my word you shall take leave with determination

            just as brave every consequence to scour for my line

            Fly along then! Pale fatted growths -- lay it on the line


            Alert! sweetness sprinkled fields defended by sour winds

            Reeds sprawling underneath egging you on with threads

            invisibly buffet and jar your drunken and swaying path

            Lose you in the deceitful whole that hides the many kinds

            glowing odors covering the skies in thin bath

            Aromatic comets bursting like a blinding mine

            Lures to the worshipers of lecherous mind

            Trapped green spotted with halos violet and red

            sparkling greed brims with abandon and easy flux

            Grafted and bugged, the further the prize sought

            the more baggage sticking and left behind

            Tiny self-absorbed gates full of scornful charms

            depleted of abasements they signal with sally kind

            whispering hints of joys for the take without shrill alarms

            Tiny gates pointing onto greater extensions that lie

            lying stashes, vital flows, a sweeter fluid within reach

            Proclaiming its secrets to the four winds fond harbinger

            of fleeting riches and sickly disbursement of life

            that do keep obliging hosts embittered with frenzied fanning

            in diminishing returns, coming for the meager rewards

            Flitting mouths sapping the stingy source with thrusting tissue

            retractable incarnation of the whispered word

            Buzz words feed on flowery bait, acting words made to sow

            Casting ghostly colored fleeting fronts with vital issue

            Poor servants to the bared impostors claiming uniqueness

            Odd replacements to and fro go between showy flowers

            To overcome the nearness of oceans of distance


            Tawny tresses thrown upwind, cross-crowned disheveled drifters

            Sticking to each passer-by and hitching a pregnant ride

            Tangled ebbing countered swift at every flitting stay

            daintily circling, swaying, in search of a tasty aim

            Feverish and gushing hyper upon a lusty find

            that a delicate cloth cup is holding up to it

            Striped velvet finds fleeting rest on paned agitations

            commanded by a courage latent in its only threat

            guided by facets sharply honed for the greater treat

            empty bag of vague futures including none so far

            Joyful eyes have seen the blessings compounded

            Plunge aware that solace rests in the delicate clothes

            Sun spectral flames flaring in spiked springing bouquets


            Restless and bony needles that wheedle the lettered heads

            Up and down ordered rigor, glean of a lingering taste

            That left the buzzing intruders covered in scarlet stain

            And planted the recurring disorder of time

            It is less painful not to believe in token flowers

            Coordinated tweaking begets static fawns

            A charged sign placed in an endless chain of command

            Frozen frantic course of the design of the line

            Deflowered flows eavesdrop with concentrated lust

            In fits and starts of eager dreamy consequence

            The consort and dance of remote contrasting traits

            The rolling whiteness of time out replaced by more

            The ghost blinking shapes of liquid crystal displays

            The merciless timid revelation of masked passions

            Prowling, sneaking, and pouncing upon suspecting prey

            Which accepts with pregnant disdain and springs back into place

            Playful and longing fingering of the ordered bouquet


            Rugged emissaries! Arrayed fuzzy armies!

            Flying knights of the homogeneous countenance

            Do not be distracted by sporadic fumbling flotsam

            the floating ethereal shivering bright seeds of white

            Messengers of the ongoing creation holding tight

            onto their charge sent in care of the dying eternal

            Packets beholden to the harmonies of all that roots

            buffeting, shifting, time capsules, breathed in tender shoots

            sticky issue from heavenward flaring inverted lungs

            delicate crystals, soft frozen flakes to the warmer winds

            suspended vitality burning to revive from soot

            painfully to lodge in the warm embrace of a known breast

            Outcome of a more impossible message borne in wings

            Familiar arrival inhaled with a readied sigh


            Do not be blinded by the greater eye that warmly Guides

            when it pours honey upon the rippled crystals it chides

            Or by the receding mottled whiteness standing in prides                       

            blighting your view and immersing you in the distance

            willfully resisting the onslaught that bleaches their crowns

            litters their feet with rolling leftovers saddled

            with sludge, ruinous aftermath of the pitched battle

            that left melting daggers in the weathered defense                             

            Wounds so deep harvest on us they remain unhealed

            No rock before the periodic charge unmoved

            Mausoleums to remind us of our destructive past


            Return bright and soon in abnegations serene

            Feed me in essence I am stayed I could not be outside

            In you, like brothers, lies the future -- sacrificial twins

            For show a drone carefully chosen in frivolous garbs                             

            demanding freedom and flattery and a higher stand

            charged and worn with wasting beauty rudely suffered so long

            Lost it better becomes gorged in its own reflections song

            futile and torn pursuits feuding over icy domains in retreat

             Listen not to his dull slave song, elegy to freedom                             

             brimming with a chilled life attached to itself more closely                 

             than slavery frees from concern, illusion opposed basely

            Trenchant bonds! In every issue of a stinging threat

            a silk threaded bit of the needful attached to it remains


            Do not dare enter upon the witnessed yet private fray

            Jealous red dance of cresting blue birth that brought you up here

            Tearing wave sadly joyful to pass and disappear

            enraptured and tempted, pray be stilled upon future ray

            Fly along! Arrayed fuzzy armies of the acted word